After the Christmas holidays and the stressful exam period, many students start to decide when to choose their thesis. Professors sometimes offer their topics.

However, if you want to do something that will interest you and what has the potential to attract the Commission, it is better to look for a topic or subject of work that is close to you. You may also be inspired by some of the ideas in our list. This time we focused on social work students.

Family theme

A topic that is talked about and discussed today. In addition, families around you have plenty, even diverse, so the research component is just like the student’s hand. There is also no literature that is quite rich in this area. Here are some ideas.

  • distribution in US
  • patchwork families, a family situation without a father / mother, support for lone parents by the state
  • children’s homes, sanitary facilities, social service homes, support centers, community centers and related issues
  • Large families, support from the state, organizations that deal with them
  • characteristics of individual family members (differences between first-born, second-born, youngest, single-child), differences in education, modern educational directions
  • homeschooling in US, comparison with foreign countries, advantages and disadvantages

Man theme

There is a lot of talk in US about the fact that the state does not make enough efforts to help individuals, especially those who find themselves in a difficult situation. It is ideal to always look at a specific case that resonates in your surroundings and in the media.

  • Increasing dependencies in US, treatment options, state support
  • bullying in schools, its modern forms and solutions, internet bullying
  • education, support and development of gifted children in US, Mensa in US, classes and programs for gifted children
  • childhood disorders (autism, behavioral disorders, hyperactivity), diagnosis and treatment options in US
  • the issue of the education of Roma children (what possibilities are currently available for this community, how the state supports Roma children)

Media and Society Theme

A topic that is a lot of talk about, but unfortunately still little written. The great advantage is the amount of foreign literature available, especially in English. Feel free to be as specific as possible when choosing a topic. The jury is sure to be interesting and the professors will appreciate the topicality of your diploma thesis.

  • the influence of social networks on thinking, acting by individuals
  • conspiracy in the media, trust in the media, influence of mass media on individuals
  • social networks and minors, usage-related dangers, social network dependency
  • how the media influence elections, turnout, specifically what lobbying looks like in US
  • volunteering in US, what organizations we know, which operate on a broad platform, have American relation to volunteering, 2 percent of tax and their purpose

Whichever topic you choose, don’t be afraid to take a critical stand, be specific, and collect as many practical cases as possible. In connection with them, however, it is necessary to know at least the basic functioning of the laws and, of course, to address the requirement of the opinion of your supervisor.