Consultations with professors and PhD students are in full swing. At the same time, as the Christmas season approaches, most of the students complete their credits and try to pass the exams as much as possible.

Sometimes it is difficult to incorporate bachelor’s and master’s thesis into an already busy schedule. In addition, at the end of a stressful December, we are eager for the holidays, during which most of us plan to relax and let the school out for a few weeks.

However, if you do not want to survive the beginning of the new year in stress and chase to lose the January ball, do not put your laptop for long. Try to use at least the last few days of this year and invest your free time in the preparation of your thesis. You will pass it on in the spring, so you will not spoil anything by preparing the most necessary things during Christmas. Or focus on a specific task that you really don’t want to do and do.

We offer you some tips on what you can do in bachelor and diploma work without breaking the Christmas holidays. Finally, tapping the computer can be under the Christmas tree or gingerbread and punch. And it’s worth considering, isn’t it?

Read vital books

Whether it’s a book that unfolds your bachelor’s degree or a particular chapter you are going to process, it would be a big mistake to look at the text only when you are about to paraphrase. Take your time off and immerse yourself in your work for a while.

Again, you can extract individual chapters from specific lent books, read them, make notes and think about which parts of the text will be suitable for quotation or paraphrase. This part of the word processing is so devastating for many students that they are unable to work it out during the exams.

The defenses will then show gaps and shortcomings that arise from not having properly studied the text. Do not make the same mistake and take your time to deal more closely with the problem you have set out in Bakalarka.

Write down specific parts of your work at home

Writing the text itself stimulates our creativity. However, it is not possible to say about writing an abstract, introduction, content or inventing individual chapters. Prevent unnecessary suffering in a boarding room and sit down to work between the holidays. It’s time to put together chapter titles, break down the work, come up with an engaging introduction and write content.

During Christmas, you do not have to write a whole bakalarka (although a Christmas miracle can happen at any time), but the first chapter is whether you can make the introductory theoretical text. Not only do you get rid of a bit of work, but you also get rid of the stress of time-lag drivers that are at risk if you have some rest at school.

Process attachments

We are looking forward to editing maps, pictures, photos and graphs especially when we are sitting over the computer for hours and trying to squeeze our thoughts into continuous sentences. But when work begins on specific attachments, few of us will still have enough strength and will to do it thoroughly.

Take advantage of Christmas time, for example, before Christmas Eve and sit down to search engine, download photos and start processing charts. After writing the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis as if you found it. In addition, you avoid domestic bustle and additional cleaning. After all, which mom would tear a college student from a bachelor’s degree.

Communicate questions and suggestions

You solve a problem with a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, but you haven’t been able to contact a professor before Christmas. Sit down at the mail and tell him what your job looks like, what you have written so far and what your next steps are. Ask for advice and write to him about your ideas.

You may be surprised, but most college professors will find time to work during the Christmas holidays. Therefore, do not be surprised if you agree with you shortly after the New Year.

If you cooperate with a company in preparing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, take advantage of Christmas holidays and remind them. Arrange for a visit or ask for the materials you will be able to process. You will be surprised to see how time-consuming emails are written to you.

Visit the library

The number of libraries will be open even between holidays. Choose to visit and take the opportunity when other students are happy holidays. Order the missing books, review the literature that might be useful for your supplementary materials, and review all the resources the library has to offer.

While shortly before the holidays, there is a dawn in the library, because before the end of the year every borrowed book tries to return, there are no hints or rushes between the holidays.

Do it to the letter for January

If you really can’t get into writing, help yourself with a little tool that comes in handy at peak times and exams. Write your own list of necessary duties, so-called To do list, where the markers highlight which duties will apply, exams, writing work, learning or semester work.

This way you visually differentiate your duties and make sure when you plan to catch up. Similar lists are popular even in big companies and the popularity of their biggest businessmen in the world. Be inspired by them and make your work easier by creating order in the chaos of duties.